ABOUT: Wise Words World

This little website was sparked by a comment just after my 60th birthday. One of my friends kindly said to think of 60 as being 25 with 35 years of experience.

Shortly after I re-found a book I bought 30 years ago. I was in Vancouver in 1991 in one of the earlier bookshops that also had a coffee shop. As I had my coffee, I remembered thinking it was commercially stupid that I could read books for free with my coffee as I then wouldn’t buy them.

I browsed and then, of course, bought the first edition of “Life’s Little Instruction Book”. Life tips Jackson Brown jotted down to give to his son as he went off to college. He just wanted to share all the little things he wished he’d known when he was younger that make your life better as you look back when older. It included tips like “Be the first to say hello”, “Own a convertible at least one year in your life”, “Teach a class” and “Own a dog”. I’m personally better and richly happier for having done all of these.

This inspired me to pop a little post on LinkedIn asking my friends and associates to share their own “Wise Words” - advice given or shared that had been helpful or struck a chord as they went on their journey in work or life. I got lots of responses loving the idea. I quickly got to triple figures in replies.

It seemed only right to create a little place where these wise words could be shared with others when the need arises or when it doesn’t. The Wise Words when you enter are always randomised. I do encourage you to scroll down to see the Wise Words curator’s name and the back story behind why their chosen Wise Words. Do please pass on and share Wisewordworld.com if you feel so inclined. I hope to keep on adding to it. If you have more Wise Words, I’d love to hear them. Ideally, also, with their little back story. To do so just email them to me at mark@maverickplanet.co.uk Thanks for visiting. Thanks to all those who it has been my pleasure to have as friends and colleagues who have helped shape my journey to date and shared their Wise Words.

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